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Wholesale LM-001 Intelligent Breathing Trainer to Strengthen Respiratory Muscles for The Elderly

Wholesale LM-001 Intelligent Breathing Trainer to Strengthen Respiratory Muscles for The Elderly

Short Description:

LM-001 Intelligent Breathing Trainer, a specialized device designed to strengthen respiratory muscles, particularly for the elderly. This breathing trainer employs intelligent technology to provide targeted respiratory muscle exercises, promoting better lung function and overall respiratory health.

  • Product name: Breathing Trainer
  • Brand: GX Dynasty
  • MOQ: 10
  • Delivery Time: 3 days
  • Model: LM-001
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    Product Detail

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    Name Parameter Name Parameter
    Battery capacity 400mAh Dimension 35x35x136mm
    Battery type Carp battery Weight 100g
    Battery life 15 hours Materials ABS plastic
    Charge input 5v1a Join Bluetooth 4.0
    Authentication FCC, CE certification Reveal LED light
    Charging time 2 hours    

    Product Advantage

    A new smart breathing training device designed to help people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma and other chronic respiratory conditions improve and maintain respiratory health through breathing training. At the same time, healthy people can also exercise respiratory muscles through this device to enhance respiratory health. It will also be able to record each lung capacity test, while providing users with different breathing training sessions and fun games through a smart app. In addition, it is equipped with inspiratory volume and inspiratory speed indicators, which can be used as a real-time tester and training instrument alone.


    More relaxation and energy

    Relieve stress/improve sleep/boost immunity and metabolism/bring balance and positive energy.

    Take Sport Results to the Next Level

    Increase VO2 MAX / Boost Cardiorespiratory Endurance / Delay Time to Fatigue / Improve Sport Performance.

    Sing Better

    Improve Vocal Strength / Extend Vocal Range / Build Breath Support / Increase Breath Stability.

    Product Introduction

    This is an innovative product that combines advanced technology and traditional Chinese medicine theory. It aims to help users achieve normal and deep breathing through scientific guidance and training, thereby improving physical health and mental balance. The smart breathing trainer has the following features and functions: Scientific breathing training: Based on the latest breathing research and traditional Chinese medicine health principles, the intelligent breathing trainer can formulate the most suitable training plan according to the user's breathing situation, and help the user gradually return to normal breathing through gentle voice guidance and guidance. 

    Intelligent breathing trainer1
    Intelligent breathing trainer2

    Real-time monitoring and feedback: Equipped with high-precision sensors, the smart breathing trainer can monitor the user's breathing frequency, depth, rhythm and other parameters in real time, and record and analyze it through the smartphone APP. Users can check their respiratory health at any time and make improvements and adjustments based on feedback. Personalized customization: The smart breathing trainer supports a variety of breathing training modes, including deep breathing, abdominal breathing, meditation breathing, etc. Users can choose different training modes and durations according to their own needs and preferences to achieve personalized breathing training.

    Beautiful and portable design: The smart breathing trainer has a simple and stylish appearance and is very easy to carry and use. Whether at home, in the office or on the go, you can perform breathing training at any time to improve physical and mental health. Scientific evidence support: The design and function of the smart breathing trainer are based on the latest scientific research and clinical practice, and have good effects and safety. Many users have reported positive effects such as reduced anxiety, improved sleep quality, and increased energy after using smart breathing trainers. If you're looking to improve your respiratory health, reduce physical stress, and increase energy and well-being, a smart breathing trainer is your best choice. Let us work together to help you regain a healthy breathing style and move towards a better life!

    Intelligent breathing trainer21
    Intelligent breathing trainer22
    Intelligent breathing trainer23

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