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Guangxi Dynasty Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Dynasty Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprisecommitted to providing high-quality medical device products.The company isa Pharmaceutical White list Enterprise of the Ministry of Commerce of China.Our company locate in Nanning,China -The green city- The Permanent venueof ASEAN Expo.

We are proud to have many years of rich experience and professional team inthe field of medical devices.We provide high quality, rich products andone-stop procurement and customization services for global customers.

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Ourproducts cover hospital equipment and consumables; Testing and diagnosticequipment; Health monitoring systems and rehabilitation care products; Vari-ous health care for home and personal care products, etc. Whether you are amedical institution, a medical device wholesaler, distributor, retailer, or afamily and individual, we will serve you wholeheartedly,meet your evreyneeds, and sincerely want to build a long-term and solid relationship with you.


Our Advantage

Guangxi Dynasty is proud of the industry with its strong strength. It covers more than 50+ business areas, has established close relationships with more than 3,000+ partners, has more than 300+ product patents and more than 500+ technical experts. The factory occupies a leading position in the market with its excellent technical strength and innovation capabilities. Its continuous innovation drives the development of the industry and provides customers with comprehensive solutions through its commitment to high-quality products. Guangxi Dynasty's success is built on a large partner network, extensive business coverage, rich patent accumulation and excellent technical strength, laying a solid foundation for sustainable growth.

50+ Business Coverage:
Guangxi Dynasty Factory's extensive business coverage demonstrates its strong market penetration and diversified development strategy. Based on 50+ business areas, the factory has achieved excellence in multiple fields and provides customers with comprehensive solutions.

3000+ Partners:
Guangxi Dynasty Factory has established close cooperative relationships with more than 3,000 partners, forming a large and powerful cooperation network. This partnership not only helps expand market share, but also provides the factory with broader resources and support, allowing it to better meet customer needs.

500+ Technical:
Guangxi Dynasty is known for its strong technical strength and has more than 500 technical experts. These experts are committed to continuously pushing the technological boundaries of the factory, ensuring that products maintain a level of excellence at every stage of design, production and delivery.

300+ Product Patents:
The factory holds more than 300 product patents, highlighting its outstanding capabilities in technological innovation. These patents not only demonstrate Guangxi Dynasty's commitment to product quality and uniqueness, but also solidify its leading position in the industry.

R&D Team: Composed of a group of engineers with rich experience and professional knowledge, familiar with the latest technology and development trends in the medical device industry. They continuously carry out technological innovation and product improvement to ensure that our products comply with international standards and meet customer needs.

Production Team: It has advanced production equipment and management processes, and produces in strict accordance with the quality management system. They have rich production experience and skills to ensure product quality and delivery time.

Sales Team: Composed of a group of professional sales staff who understand market needs and customer requirements and can provide customers with professional consultation and solutions. Not only do they have a good sales network in the domestic market, they also actively explore international markets and provide customers with a full range of services.

After-sales Service Team: We have an efficient and professional after-sales service team that can respond to customer needs and feedback in a timely manner and provide rapid technical support and solutions. Their goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and provide comprehensive after-sales service. Guangxi Dynasty Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd. always adheres to the principle of "quality first, customer first", constantly pursues technological innovation and excellent quality, and provides customers with the most reliable medical device products and professional solutions.

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