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Wholesale DM-9809.801 Single-use Digital Flexible Pyeloscope

Wholesale DM-9809.801 Single-use Digital Flexible Pyeloscope

Short Description:

DM-9809.801 Single-use Digital Flexible Pyeloscope is a professional digital flexible ureteroscope, providing the medical industry with an efficient and hygienic solution. Its unique design makes it a single-use product, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination and ensuring the highest level of hygiene for each patient.


  • Product name: Single-use Digital Flexible Pyeloscope
  • Model: DM-9809.801
  • Category: Digital uretero-renoscopy
  • Certification: CE
  • Brand: GX Dynasty
  • MOQ: 1
  • Samples Price: $ 260
  • Pixel: A high definition of 160000
  • Field angle: 110°
  • Depth of field: 2-50mm
  • Tip part: 5.7Fr
  • Outer diameter: 8Fr
  • Working channel: 3.6Fr
  • Bend angle: Upper bend≥275° Lower bend≥275°
  • Working length: 700mm
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    Product Detail

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    Product Advantage

    Product Overview: DM-9809.801 Single-use Digital Flexible Pyeloscope

    Introducing the DM-9809.801, an innovative Single-use Digital Flexible Pyeloscope designed for superior visual diagnostics in urological procedures. This disposable pyeloscope combines advanced technology with convenience, ensuring optimal patient care and ease of use for healthcare professionals.

    Key Features:

    1. Digital Imaging Excellence: The DM-9809.801 boasts advanced digital imaging capabilities, providing high-resolution visuals for detailed examination of the urinary tract. The digital interface enhances the precision of diagnostics during urological procedures.

    2. Flexible and Disposable Design: This pyeloscope features a flexible and disposable design, ensuring a hygienic and contamination-free experience for each patient. The flexibility of the device allows for easy maneuverability during procedures, enhancing accessibility.

    3. Single-use for Infection Prevention: Designed for single-use, the DM-9809.801 eliminates the risk of cross-contamination between patients. This ensures a higher standard of infection prevention and minimizes the need for extensive reprocessing.

    4. User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with a user-friendly interface, the pyeloscope facilitates seamless integration into urological procedures. The straightforward controls and digital display enhance the efficiency of healthcare professionals during examinations.

    5. Optimal Patient Comfort: The flexible and lightweight construction of the pyeloscope prioritizes patient comfort during urological examinations. The single-use nature of the device also eliminates discomfort associated with repeated sterilization processes.

    6. Compatibility with Imaging Systems: The DM-9809.801 is designed for compatibility with imaging systems, allowing healthcare professionals to capture and document procedures for further analysis and record-keeping.

    Technical Specifications:

    - Model: DM-9809.801
    - Type: Single-use Digital Flexible Pyeloscope
    - Imaging Resolution: High-resolution
    - Design: Flexible and Disposable
    - Infection Prevention: Single-use
    - User Interface: User-friendly controls
    - Compatibility: Imaging Systems
    - Dimensions: Customized
    - Color: Customized

    Wholesale Opportunities:

    The DM-9809.801 Single-use Digital Flexible Pyeloscope is available for wholesale, offering healthcare providers a cutting-edge solution for urological examinations. Elevate your product offerings with a disposable pyeloscope that prioritizes hygiene, patient comfort, and imaging excellence. Contact us for wholesale inquiries and explore the potential of incorporating the DM-9809.801 into your professional portfolio.

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