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SSC-004 Hospital Patient Operating Examination Table

SSC-004 Hospital Patient Operating Examination Table

Short Description:

The SSC-004 Hospital Patient Operating Examination Table is a versatile and comprehensive solution designed for medical examinations, procedures, and operations. This examination table is crafted with precision and functionality to meet the diverse needs of healthcare professionals in hospital settings.

  • Product name: Hospital Patient Operating Examination Table
  • Brand: GX Dynasty
  • MOQ: 1
  • Model: SSC-004
  • Customized: MOQ>50
  • Packaging: Consult customer service
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    Product Advantage

    Product Overview: SSC-004 Hospital Patient Operating Examination Table

    Introducing the SSC-004 Hospital Patient Operating Examination Table, a cutting-edge and versatile solution meticulously crafted for medical examinations and procedures in hospital settings. This examination table is designed to provide healthcare professionals with precision, adaptability, and patient comfort, making it an essential asset for modern medical practices.

    Key Features:

    1. Multi-Functional Design: The SSC-004 is a multi-functional examination table equipped to handle a diverse range of medical procedures and examinations. Its versatile design ensures healthcare professionals have the flexibility required for a variety of patient care scenarios.

    2. Electrically Adjustable Positioning: Featuring electrically adjustable positioning, this examination table empowers healthcare professionals to easily and precisely adjust the height and angle as needed. The electric controls enhance efficiency and facilitate seamless transitions during medical procedures.

    3. Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials, the SSC-004 boasts a durable framework that ensures stability and longevity. The robust design supports the table's functionality, making it a reliable choice for the demanding environment of hospital operating rooms.

    4. Patient Comfort: The examination table prioritizes patient comfort with its ergonomically designed and padded surface. The thoughtful construction minimizes patient discomfort during extended procedures, contributing to a positive and reassuring patient experience.

    5. Integrated Storage Solutions: The table is equipped with integrated storage solutions, such as drawers or compartments, providing healthcare professionals with a convenient space to organize medical instruments and supplies. This feature enhances the efficiency of healthcare providers during examinations and procedures.

    6. Easy-to-Clean Surface: Designed with an easy-to-clean surface, the examination table facilitates quick and effective sanitation between patient appointments. This feature aligns with the stringent hygiene standards essential in hospital environments.

    Technical Specifications:

    - Model: SSC-004
    - Type: Hospital Patient Operating Examination Table
    - Adjustability: Electrically Adjustable Positioning
    - Construction: Durable
    - Patient Comfort: Padded Surface
    - Integrated Storage Solutions: Yes
    - Easy-to-Clean Surface: Yes
    - Color Options: Customized


    - Hospitals
    - Surgical Centers
    - Medical Clinics
    - Healthcare Facilities

    Wholesale Opportunities:

    The SSC-004 Hospital Patient Operating Examination Table is available for wholesale, providing healthcare providers, medical equipment distributors, and hospitals with an exceptional examination table designed to elevate the precision and comfort of medical procedures. Contact us for wholesale inquiries and offer your customers a state-of-the-art solution for modern healthcare environments.

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