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ML-116 Rehabilitation Glove, Your Ultimate Choice for Recovery!


The convergence of smart technology and healthcare, the Dynasty ML-116 Rehabilitation Glove emerges as a standout representative, leading a new era in rehabilitation. Let's delve into this invigorating rehabilitation glove and explore how its intelligent design and heating function provide users with an entirely fresh rehabilitation experience.

1. Leading Rehabilitation with Smart Technology
The ML-116 Rehabilitation Glove is not merely a rehabilitation product; it is an outstanding representation of smart technology in the field of recovery. The glove's various functions, such as speed, intensity, and heating, can be precisely adjusted through its intelligent control system, offering users a personalized and efficient rehabilitation experience.

2. Warm Care, Delicate Heating Function
The heating function of the ML-116 Rehabilitation Glove, with its adjustable low, medium, and high settings, provides users with thoughtful warmth. During colder seasons, the heating feature not only adds extra comfort but also promotes better blood circulation in the hands, accelerating the rehabilitation process.

3. Smart Voice Interaction, Effortless Monitoring of Rehabilitation Status
Equipped with a smart voice broadcast function, the glove provides clear verbal prompts, enabling users to effortlessly monitor their current rehabilitation status. This intelligent interaction design makes operation more intuitive and convenient, allowing users to focus on the rehabilitation process and enjoy the convenience of technology.

4. Personalized Customization, Memory Function Tailoring Exclusive Rehabilitation Plans
With 9 levels of speed and intensity customization, coupled with the memory function, the ML-116 Rehabilitation Glove allows users to tailor exclusive rehabilitation plans. The glove remembers the settings from the last use, ensuring that each rehabilitation session aligns with individual needs, providing a more precise rehabilitation effect.

5. Rapid Heating, Efficient Charging
The heating function rapidly takes effect, ensuring users feel warmth in their hands almost instantly, even on chilly days. The fast-charging technology enables the ML-116 Rehabilitation Glove to complete charging within a short 2-hour timeframe, delivering a more convenient and efficient user experience.

Choosing the Dynasty ML-116 Rehabilitation Glove, you not only gain an intelligent technological companion for rehabilitation but also experience the warmth of genuine care. Stepping into a new era of intelligent recovery, let the ML-116 be your guide on the path to rehabilitation.

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Post time: Dec-07-2023