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How to Use Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Correctly?

How to Use Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Correctly?

1. Variability of Blood Pressure Throughout the Day

The human body experiences significant changes in blood pressure throughout the day, influenced by various factors such as psychological state, time, season, temperature, and the location (arm or wrist) and position (sitting or lying) during measurement. Understanding these fluctuations is crucial when using electronic blood pressure monitors.

It is normal for blood pressure values to vary with each measurement, and this fluctuation is attributed to factors like nervousness and anxiety.
High-pressure values measured in hospitals may be elevated compared to home measurements, mainly due to the stress associated with clinical settings.

2. Correctness of Measurement Method

Ensuring the accuracy of blood pressure measurements relies on the correct application of the measurement method, addressing factors like cuff placement and patient condition.

The cuff should align with the heart's position, and the cuff's tubing should be placed over the brachial artery's pulsation point, with the cuff's bottom positioned 1–2 centimeters above the elbow.
Properly wrapping the cuff with moderate tightness, allowing just enough space for one finger, is essential.
Patients should maintain a quiet state for approximately 10 minutes before measurement to guarantee stability.
A minimum interval of 3 minutes between two measurements is necessary, with consistent positioning and posture.

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3. Precise Monitoring with Technological Support

Technological advancements have elevated electronic blood pressure monitors as effective tools for precise blood pressure monitoring. Correct utilization, combined with technological support, facilitates convenient and accurate data acquisition, providing a reliable basis for medical decisions.

The adherence to these considerations enhances the accuracy of electronic blood pressure monitors, ensuring that the obtained data is more informative and valuable. In an era dominated by technology, the correct use of electronic blood pressure monitors becomes an essential aspect of health management.

4. Advantages of Alternating Measurement Method

In specific situations, employing the alternating measurement method can further improve accuracy.

This method involves multiple measurements using both a mercury column sphygmomanometer and an electronic blood pressure monitor. The average of the first and third mercury column measurements, taken by a healthcare professional, is compared with the electronic blood pressure monitor's measurement.
This approach, combining professional expertise and the convenience of electronic monitoring, ensures comprehensive and accurate blood pressure data.

5. Keeping the Discrepancy within a Reasonable Range

When using electronic blood pressure monitors, it's essential to compare their measurements with those of a mercury column sphygmomanometer, ensuring the accuracy of the readings.

The average of the first and third measurements by a mercury column sphygmomanometer is considered the healthcare professional's measurement.
The difference between this average and the electronic blood pressure monitor's measurement should generally be less than 10 millimeters of mercury (1.33 kilopascals).

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6. Perfect Integration of Technology and Humanity

The continuous evolution of technology positions electronic blood pressure monitors as crucial tools for blood pressure monitoring, and their application, combined with humanistic care, is indispensable.

The use of electronic blood pressure monitors not only enhances measurement convenience but also provides a more comfortable experience for patients.
By integrating technology and humanistic care, we strike a balance between technical precision and the warm care of healthcare professionals, ensuring that patients feel cared for during the monitoring process.


In the proper use of electronic blood pressure monitors, acknowledging the variability of blood pressure, the correctness of measurement methods, technological support, the advantages of alternating measurement methods, keeping discrepancies within a reasonable range, and the perfect integration of technology and humanity are crucial factors. Only by considering these elements comprehensively can we assess a patient's blood pressure more accurately and provide a solid foundation for improved medical services. In today's rapidly advancing technological landscape, the correct use of electronic blood pressure monitors offers a more convenient and accurate means of blood pressure monitoring.

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