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How Does A Muscle Training Device Achieve The Effect Of Muscle Training?

How Does A Muscle Training Device Achieve The Effect Of Muscle Training?

Using strong pulse magnetic fields, non-invasive stimulation of muscles and nerve tissues occurs, interacting with motor neurons to trigger high-intensity muscle contractions, promoting significant fat breakdown, achieving muscle building and fat reduction effects. Additionally, it has excellent effects on sports injuries and muscle tension.

1. Primary Mechanisms of Pulsed Magnetic Fields:

1.1. The body's blood, bodily fluids, cell media, ions, and other conductive elements generate directional movement forces (Lorentz forces) in response to intense changes in the pulsed magnetic field. The trajectory, direction, speed, microscopic particle arrangement, and energy level changes are all relatively affected. Higher magnetic field intensity and rapid changes result in more significant effects, particularly improving deep microcirculation in the body.

1.2. Changes in magnetic field intensity, pulse frequency, and polarity affect the body, enhancing enzyme activity, promoting endocrine functions, improving nerve system conduction (sedative analgesia), reducing blood viscosity, and slowing down the aging of joints and other tissues. These effects have been clinically proven through long-term applications.

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2. Characteristics of Pulsed Magnetic Fields on the Body:

2.1. Low frequency, generally around 1Hz to 1.25Hz, almost no tendency for skin effects compared to the working frequency of shortwaves at around 40MHz. This results in a more uniform and concentrated impact on affected areas, with no thermal effects or inflammatory tissue exudation.

2.2. High magnetic field intensity, with a surface field strength of over 3000Gs on the magnetic head; narrow pulse width, around 7ms. Compared to a constant magnetic field, it has greater penetration depth, strong magnetic induction, and can reach a depth of 150 to 200mm within the body. Clinical evidence shows that this pulsed magnetic field has a good ablative effect on deep hematomas.

2.3. Pulsed magnetic therapy has been applied clinically for many years, proving to be safe, reliable, with minimal side effects. Patients find it easy to accept, with no discomfort. The magnetic field is not generated when the magnetic head is not working, minimizing its impact on the surrounding environment. During operation, the magnetic field eddy current generates some heat, contributing to a certain thermal conduction therapeutic effect.

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