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An In-depth Discussion Of The Treatment Of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

An In-depth Discussion Of The Treatment Of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic floor dysfunction involves abnormal function of the pelvic organs, and its treatment methods mainly include surgical treatment and non-surgical treatment. In recent years, non-surgical treatment methods such as pelvic floor muscle exercises, biofeedback therapy and electrical stimulation therapy have received widespread attention, bringing long-term effects to patients by correcting damaged muscles and nerves.

1.International advanced practice of non-surgical treatment
In developed countries and regions, especially Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea, the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction has taken an important step towards non-surgical treatment. Pelvic floor muscle assessment, biofeedback training, and electrical stimulation therapy have become popular, especially among women 42 days postpartum, and have greatly reduced the occurrence of diseases such as pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence. This practice serves as a model for the treatment of patients with pelvic floor dysfunction worldwide.

2. Precise application of pelvic floor assessment and biofeedback training
Pelvic floor assessment and the precise application of biofeedback training therapy become an important part of non-surgical treatment. Through the measurement of guided surface electromyography and guided urethral systolic pressure, patients can clearly understand the functional status of their own pelvic floor muscles. This precise assessment not only improves the pertinence of treatment, but also allows patients to participate in the treatment process through feedback displayed as electromyography or pressure curves, enhancing the initiative of treatment.

Pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation instrument-1

3. Innovative practice of electrical stimulation therapy
Combined with individualized electrical stimulation treatment, by awakening and activating the pelvic floor muscles, the postpartum vaginal and pelvic floor muscle tension and elasticity can be quickly restored. This method not only performs well in terms of therapeutic effect, but also provides an innovative practical way to prevent and treat postpartum vaginal prolapse, laxity, urinary incontinence and other diseases.

4. “Pelvic floor prevention and treatment”: the future trend of comprehensive therapy
"Pelvic floor prevention and treatment" is not limited to pelvic floor assessment and biofeedback technology, but also includes the active role of weight management in treatment. For obese women with stress urinary incontinence, by reducing their weight by 5%-10%, the number of urinary incontinence episodes will be reduced by more than 50%. This provides new ideas for comprehensive treatment strategies, combining lifestyle intervention with professional treatment to form a more comprehensive health care system.

5. Looking to the future: a new era of personalized treatment
As technology continues to advance, personalized treatment will become a new era in the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction. The introduction of advanced technologies such as GX Dynasty's strong pulsed electromagnetic stimulation and high-energy pulsed magnetic field training equipment that focuses on pelvic floor muscles will provide more innovative and personalized treatment methods. In the future, we have reason to believe that under the guidance of comprehensive treatment strategies, patients with pelvic floor dysfunction will have a more optimistic recovery prospect.

6.GX Dynasty: Innovative technology leading pelvic floor rehabilitation
GX Dynasty has emerged in the field of pelvic floor rehabilitation with its strong pulse electromagnetic stimulation method. What is unique about this technology is that its electromagnetic field can penetrate deep bones and soft tissues, providing new possibilities for rehabilitation treatment. Let’s dive into GX Dynasty’s intense pulsed electromagnetic stimulation technology and its role in the recovery process.

7. The deep impact of electromagnetic stimulation
The strong pulse electromagnetic stimulation technology used by GX Dynasty quickly reaches the lesion area through the penetration of electromagnetic fields. This stimulation helps speed up blood circulation in the lesion area, improves microcirculation, and provides more oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissues. At the same time, electromagnetic fields increase the permeability of cell membranes, accelerate cell metabolism and the exchange of substances inside and outside cells, thereby promoting the metabolism of inflammatory and painful substances.

Pelvic muscle relaxation recovery

8. Quickly achieve recovery goals
The application of this technology achieves rapid anti-inflammation, swelling, pain relief and repair of soft tissue, bones, nerves and other functions. By promoting the rapid metabolism of inflammatory substances, patients can get out of pain faster and accelerate the recovery process. For patients with pelvic floor dysfunction, this means faster and more effective treatment results, improving the patient's quality of life.

9. High-energy pulsed magnetic field training device focusing on pelvic floor muscles
The innovation of GX Dynasty is not only limited to strong pulse electromagnetic stimulation technology, but also includes high-energy pulse magnetic field training equipment focusing on pelvic floor muscles. This instrument uses high-energy pulsed magnetic fields to penetrate multiple layers of tissues such as clothing, skin, bones, and muscles, and induce induced currents in the body. This current causes neuromuscular excitement, exercising the pelvic floor muscles and improving the function of the pelvic organs.

10. Innovation leads the future
The technological innovation of GX Dynasty not only provides more advanced means for pelvic floor rehabilitation, but also points the way for the future development of the rehabilitation field. This treatment method based on electromagnetic stimulation demonstrates the power of technology in medicine, bringing patients a more personalized and efficient recovery experience.

Under the leadership of GX Dynasty, the field of pelvic floor rehabilitation has ushered in a golden period of technological innovation. Through the application of strong pulsed electromagnetic stimulation and high-energy pulsed magnetic field training equipment, patients can recover their functions faster during the rehabilitation process and enjoy a better life. The technological innovation of GX Dynasty has opened a new chapter for pelvic floor rehabilitation and brought more expectations to the future of rehabilitation medicine.

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