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Factory Supply HD01 High Speed Four Hole Spray Dental Handpiece with LED

Factory Supply HD01 High Speed Four Hole Spray Dental Handpiece with LED

Short Description:

HD01 Dental high speed LED handpiece has patent design of star antiskid handle,adopting imported ceramic bearing which can provide strong power.And there are fourfold water sprays and fourfold anti-retraction about this kind LED handpiece.

  • Product name: Dental Handpiece
  • Brand: Guangxi Dynasty Medical
  • Model: HD01
  • Price: Wholesale price
  • Delivery time: Within 3-7 days
  • Supply capacity: 10000 piece per month
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    Product Detail

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    Parameters & Specifications

    Name Parameter Name Parameter
    Head Size Small Head/Torque Head Spray Fourfold Water Sprays
    Anti-retraction Fourfold Anti-retraction Interface Four-hole Interface/Two-hole Interface
    Chuck Type Push Buttom Chucking Power 25-45N
    Air Pressure 0.25Mpa-0.3Mpa Atomization Pressure 0.3Mpa(3kgf)
    Water Pressure 0.2Mpa(2kgf) Rotation Speed ≥ 350,000 R.P.M
    Motor Speed 18,000-22,000 R.P.M Noise ≤50dB
    LED Light Intensity ≥ 1,500 LUX Life of LED Bulb ≥ 5,000 hours

    Product Advantage

    Guangxi Dynasty Medical proudly presents the HD01 Dental High Speed LED Handpiece, a cutting-edge instrument designed to revolutionize dental procedures. Engineered with precision and innovation, this handpiece offers unparalleled performance and reliability, making it the preferred choice for dental professionals worldwide.

    Innovative Design:
    The HD01 Handpiece boasts a patent design featuring a star anti-skid handle, ensuring optimal grip and control during procedures. Its ergonomic design minimizes hand fatigue, allowing for prolonged use without compromising precision or comfort.

    Advanced Technology:
    Equipped with imported ceramic bearings, the HD01 Handpiece delivers robust power and smooth operation, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in dental procedures. The incorporation of LED technology provides superior illumination, offering enhanced visibility in even the most challenging clinical scenarios.

    Optimized Performance:
    With fourfold water sprays and fourfold anti-retraction features, the HD01 Handpiece ensures a clean and precise treatment environment, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination and promoting patient safety. The small head and torque head options cater to diverse procedural requirements, offering versatility and flexibility in clinical settings.

    Reliable Construction:
    Crafted with the highest quality materials, the HD01 Handpiece is built to withstand the rigors of daily clinical use. The push-button chucking mechanism facilitates quick and effortless bur changes, streamlining workflow and saving valuable time during procedures.

    Technical Specifications:
    Interface: Available in four-hole or two-hole options to accommodate different dental unit configurations.
    Chuck Type: Push Button for convenient and secure bur retention.
    Chucking Power: 25-45N, ensuring stability and precision during procedures.
    Air Pressure: Operates within the range of 0.25Mpa-0.3Mpa for consistent performance.
    Rotation Speed: ≥ 350,000 R.P.M, enabling efficient cutting and shaping of dental materials.
    LED Light Intensity: ≥ 1,500 LUX, providing optimal illumination for enhanced visibility.
    Noise Level: ≤ 50dB, ensuring a quiet and comfortable treatment environment.
    LED Bulb Lifespan: ≥ 5,000 hours, offering long-lasting performance and cost-effectiveness.

    Supply Capacity and Delivery:
    Guangxi Dynasty Medical is committed to meeting the needs of our customers with a robust supply capacity of 10,000 pieces per month. With efficient logistics and a streamlined delivery process, we ensure prompt delivery within 3-7 days, allowing you to maintain uninterrupted workflow and productivity.

    Partner with Us:
    Experience the excellence of the HD01 Dental Handpiece and elevate your dental practice to new heights. Partner with Guangxi Dynasty Medical and gain access to premium products, exceptional service, and competitive wholesale prices. Join our network of satisfied customers and discover the difference that quality and innovation can make in your practice.

    To explore the HD01 Dental Handpiece and other cutting-edge products from Guangxi Dynasty Medical, please contact us now. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in selecting the right solutions to meet your specific needs and preferences. Take the first step towards superior dental care by partnering with us today. Transform your practice with the HD01 Dental High Speed LED Handpiece from Guangxi Dynasty Medical – Where Innovation Meets Excellence in Dental Technology.

    After-sales service support:

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    In order to give customers a more comprehensive understanding of our products, we provide free samples. Customers can personally experience the quality, performance and functionality of the product before purchasing to ensure that it meets their specific needs and provide a more confident basis for purchase.

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    We provide comprehensive OEM/ODM services, allowing customers to customize the appearance, functionality and packaging of products according to their specific needs and market positioning. This personalization ensures our products are consistent with our customers' brands and meet their unique market needs.

    3. One-stop solution:
    We provide one-stop solutions including design, production, packaging and logistics. Customers do not need to work hard to coordinate multiple links. Our professional team will ensure that the entire process operates efficiently, saving customers time and energy.

    4. Manufacturer support:
    As a manufacturer, we have modern production equipment and a professional team. This allows us to guarantee high quality and on-time delivery of our products. Customers can feel confident choosing us as a reliable manufacturing partner and enjoy professional manufacturing support.

    5. Quality certification:
    Our products have passed multiple international quality certifications, including ISO and CE, etc. This ensures that our products meet strict international standards, providing customers with superior quality and reliability, increasing their confidence and satisfaction.

    6. Independent research and development:
    We have a professional R&D team dedicated to continuous innovation and launch of new products. Through independent research and development, we are able to quickly respond to market changes, provide innovative solutions that meet customer needs, and maintain our leading position in the highly competitive market.

    7. Transportation loss rate compensation:
    In order to ensure the rights and interests of our customers, we provide transportation loss rate compensation services. If the product suffers any loss during transportation, we will provide fair and reasonable compensation to protect our customers' investment and trust. This commitment is a clear expression of our commitment to customer satisfaction and reflects our rigorous approach to the safe transportation of our products.

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