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DX02 Medical Oral Fluorescence Dental X-ray Equipment

DX02 Medical Oral Fluorescence Dental X-ray Equipment

Short Description:

Experience unparalleled diagnostic accuracy and patient safety with the DX02 Medical Oral Fluorescence Dental X-ray Equipment from GX Dynasty Medical. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, this advanced device redefines dental imaging, providing practitioners with the confidence to deliver superior patient care.

  • Product name: Dental X-Ray Equipment
  • Brand: GX Dynasty Medical
  • Model: DX02
  • Certification: CE, ISO
  • Cooperate: Agency price negotiable
  • OEM: On-demand production
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    Product Detail

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    Name Parameter Name Parameter
    X-ray tube high voltage 60KV X-ray tube current 2mA
    Tube focus 0.7mm*0.7mm Certification CE, ISO
    Focal length 100mm Restricted field of view diameter 45mm
    Exposure time 0.1-2 seconds Lithium battery capacity 14.8V/2600mAh
    Load leakage radiation <0.25MG/H No-load leakage radiation <OMG/H
    Tube life average 10,000 hours Working frequency 30KHZ
    Total weight 2.1kg

    Product Advantage

    Key Features:
    - Optimized X-ray Tube Performance: The DX02 features a high-voltage X-ray tube with a voltage of 60KV and a current of 2mA, ensuring optimal radiation output for precise imaging. With a focal spot size of 0.7mm x 0.7mm and a focal distance of 100mm, it delivers sharp, detailed images with exceptional clarity and resolution.
    - Wide Field of View: With a restricted field of view diameter of 45mm, the DX02 enables comprehensive imaging of the oral cavity, capturing detailed anatomical structures with ease. This expansive field of view enhances diagnostic capabilities and facilitates accurate treatment planning.
    - Versatile Exposure Settings: The DX02 offers adjustable exposure settings, with exposure times ranging from 0.1 to 2 seconds. This flexibility allows practitioners to customize imaging parameters according to specific diagnostic requirements, ensuring optimal image quality while minimizing patient radiation exposure.
    - Enhanced Safety Features: Designed with patient safety in mind, the DX02 boasts low levels of both loaded and unloaded leakage radiation, with values of <0.25MG/H and <0MG/H, respectively. This ensures compliance with stringent safety standards while prioritizing the well-being of patients and staff.
    - Long-lasting Lithium Battery: Powered by a 14.8V/2600mAh lithium battery, the DX02 offers extended operational longevity, allowing for prolonged use without the need for frequent recharging. Its robust battery life ensures uninterrupted workflow and enhanced efficiency in clinical settings.

    Factory Supply Advantages:
    At GX Dynasty Medical, we are committed to excellence in manufacturing and customer satisfaction. Our advanced production facilities and adherence to strict quality control standards guarantee the reliability and performance of every DX02 unit. With our on-demand production capabilities, we can accommodate custom orders and specifications, ensuring personalized solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

    Agency Partnership Opportunities:
    We invite agency partnerships to join us in expanding the distribution network of the DX02 Medical Oral Fluorescence Dental X-ray Equipment. As an agency partner, you'll benefit from competitive pricing, comprehensive marketing support, and access to our dedicated technical assistance team. Together, we can empower dental practices worldwide with state-of-the-art imaging technology and superior patient care.

    Application Scenarios:
    The DX02 is indispensable for a wide range of dental applications, including:

    - Diagnostic Imaging: Obtain high-quality radiographic images for accurate diagnosis of dental conditions such as caries, periodontal disease, and root canal abnormalities.
    - Treatment Planning: Utilize detailed imaging to plan precise restorative procedures, orthodontic treatments, and implant placement with confidence and precision.
    - Emergency Dentistry: Facilitate rapid assessment and diagnosis of dental emergencies, enabling timely intervention and optimal patient outcomes.

    Elevate your dental practice with the DX02 Medical Oral Fluorescence Dental X-ray Equipment. Discover unmatched precision, safety, and versatility for superior diagnostic imaging and patient care.

    After-sales service support:

    1. Free samples:
    In order to give customers a more comprehensive understanding of our products, we provide free samples. Customers can personally experience the quality, performance and functionality of the product before purchasing to ensure that it meets their specific needs and provide a more confident basis for purchase.

    2. OEM/ODM service:
    We provide comprehensive OEM/ODM services, allowing customers to customize the appearance, functionality and packaging of products according to their specific needs and market positioning. This personalization ensures our products are consistent with our customers' brands and meet their unique market needs.

    3. One-stop solution:
    We provide one-stop solutions including design, production, packaging and logistics. Customers do not need to work hard to coordinate multiple links. Our professional team will ensure that the entire process operates efficiently, saving customers time and energy.

    4. Manufacturer support:
    As a manufacturer, we have modern production equipment and a professional team. This allows us to guarantee high quality and on-time delivery of our products. Customers can feel confident choosing us as a reliable manufacturing partner and enjoy professional manufacturing support.

    5. Quality certification:
    Our products have passed multiple international quality certifications, including ISO and CE, etc. This ensures that our products meet strict international standards, providing customers with superior quality and reliability, increasing their confidence and satisfaction.

    6. Independent research and development:
    We have a professional R&D team dedicated to continuous innovation and launch of new products. Through independent research and development, we are able to quickly respond to market changes, provide innovative solutions that meet customer needs, and maintain our leading position in the highly competitive market.

    7. Transportation loss rate compensation:
    In order to ensure the rights and interests of our customers, we provide transportation loss rate compensation services. If the product suffers any loss during transportation, we will provide fair and reasonable compensation to protect our customers' investment and trust. This commitment is a clear expression of our commitment to customer satisfaction and reflects our rigorous approach to the safe transportation of our products.

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