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DB-007 ABS Electric Hydraulic Lifting Stretcher Truck for Hospital Ambulance

DB-007 ABS Electric Hydraulic Lifting Stretcher Truck for Hospital Ambulance

Short Description:

The DB-007 ABS Electric Hydraulic Lifting Stretcher Truck is a versatile and advanced solution designed for efficient patient transport in hospitals and ambulances. This stretcher truck is equipped with electric and hydraulic systems, ensuring smooth and controlled movements for both patients and healthcare providers.

  • Product name: ABS Hydraulic Lifting Stretcher Truck
  • Brand: GX Dynasty
  • MOQ: 1
  • Model: DB-007
  • Customized: MOQ>50
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    Product Detail

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    Name Parameter Name Parameter
    Dimension Total length (2007mmx700mmx900mm)30mm Maximum carrying capacity 160
    Distance from the ground when the  Max :900+20; Minimum :600+20 Built-in power supply Carp battery 24V,20ah,1 piece
    platform is raised and lowered 400+30 Electric power assist Power speed 5-6 km/h

    Performance Characteristics

    1. Electric safety handling: remote control, no need for human safety portability to realize the transfer of patients between different departments of the bed.
    2. Electric lifting: The electric system can freely adjust the height of the bed to achieve seamless docking between the bed of different heights.
    3. Load: high-strength welded aluminum alloy bed body, the maximum load of the bed surface plate can be 160KG.
    4. Direction adjustment: central control caster, lateral and longitudinal free movement, timely braking, flexible control.
    5. Health and safety: With disposable sterile sheets, reduce cross infection.
    6. Infusion support: can be freely disassembled and installed, convenient for patients to move.
    7. Power system: electric wheel to promote climbing, long-distance transportation, forward and backward safety adjustable, reduce the nurse implementation of labor intensity.
    8. Disposable slip pad: exclusive customization, customized according to the size of the transfer vehicle, medical pad water absorption, dirt does not spill, easy to clean.
    9. To avoid secondary cross-infection, there is no second competition in the market.

    Product Function

    1. It consists of four parts: mechanical transmission system, lifting system, power system and control system, and completes the up and down of patients by rotating conveyor belt and moving bed plate sickbed.

    2. With exit plate, back plate, inner winding tape, outer winding tape, Semi-automatic and fully automatic transfer functions.

    3. Retractable aluminum housing post and electric push rod, complete The bed surface rises and falls to meet the different departments High demand for beds, CT examination tables and operating tables.

    4. Electric booster wheel, universal caster and retractable central control System.

    Product Introduction

    The bed is adjustable in height and can be flexibly adjusted according to the needs of the patient to ensure the best nursing posture and comfort. The mattress uses comfortable and breathable materials to help patients stay in bed for long periods of time. At the same time, our electric lift beds are equipped with multiple safety protection measures, such as anti-slip bedsides, safety belts and anti-entrapment designs, which can effectively avoid accidents and provide patients and medical staff with a safe environment. 


    Our medical electric lift beds also have the following features. Height adjustment, tilt angle, back and leg lift, etc. In addition, the bed is equipped with a remote control for easy and flexible operation. Medical electric lift beds not only provide a comfortable nursing environment, but also improve the work efficiency of medical institutions. It can help medical staff easily transfer and adjust the patient's posture, reducing their labor burden and improving work efficiency and patient recovery speed.

    In an era of embracing technological innovation, we firmly believe that medical electric lift beds will provide medical institutions with a new care experience. We are committed to providing patients and medical staff with the highest quality products and services, and jointly creating a healthier and more comfortable medical environment.


    Product Advantage

    Product Overview: DB-007 ABS Electric Hydraulic Lifting Stretcher Truck

    Introducing the DB-007 ABS Electric Hydraulic Lifting Stretcher Truck, a versatile and advanced solution designed for efficient patient transport in hospitals and ambulances. This stretcher truck is equipped with electric and hydraulic systems, ensuring smooth and controlled movements for both patients and healthcare providers.

    Key Features:

    1. Electric Hydraulic Lifting: The DB-007 stretcher truck features an electric hydraulic lifting system, allowing seamless height adjustments for easy patient transfer. This feature assists healthcare providers in accommodating varying bed heights and simplifies the transfer process.

    2. ABS Material Construction: Crafted from high-quality ABS material, the stretcher truck ensures durability, hygiene, and easy cleaning. The ABS construction is resistant to corrosion, wear, and tear, making it suitable for demanding hospital environments.

    3. Integrated Side Rails: The stretcher truck is equipped with integrated side rails to enhance patient safety during transport. The side rails provide a secure boundary, preventing accidental falls and ensuring the patient's well-being during movement.

    4. Central Locking System: The stretcher truck incorporates a central locking system to secure the stretcher in place during transfers. This feature ensures stability and safety during loading and unloading processes, providing a secure environment for both patients and healthcare providers.

    5. Adjustable Backrest: The stretcher features an adjustable backrest, allowing healthcare providers to position patients in a comfortable and supportive manner. The adjustable backrest contributes to patient comfort during transport and accommodates various medical requirements.

    6. Smooth Rolling Wheels: Equipped with smooth-rolling wheels, the stretcher truck facilitates easy maneuverability within hospital settings and ambulances. The wheels provide stability and control during movement, enhancing the efficiency of patient transport.

    Technical Specifications:

    - Model: DB-007
    - Type: Electric Hydraulic Lifting Stretcher Truck
    - Material: ABS
    - Lifting System: Electric hydraulic
    - Side Rails: Integrated
    - Locking System: Central locking
    - Backrest: Adjustable
    - Wheels: Smooth rolling


    - Hospitals
    - Ambulance Services
    - Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
    - Patient Transport within Healthcare Facilities

    Wholesale Opportunities:

    The DB-007 ABS Electric Hydraulic Lifting Stretcher Truck is available for wholesale, providing healthcare institutions, ambulance services, and medical equipment distributors with a reliable and efficient solution for patient transport. Contact us for wholesale inquiries and offer advanced stretcher trucks to enhance patient care and transport efficiency.

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